Son of a Dream 

Son of a Dream, LLC is a youth development consulting and multimedia firm committed to empowering youth, families, and organizations through life & social skills workshops, trainings, and resources. We focus on the intricacies of the family unit. Whether it’s strengthening communication or establishing healthy relationships, our services are designed to engage in important dialogue and offer supportive methods for youth & families to apply and practice.

Our multimedia resources are innovative tools used to engage, educate, & empower. We publish and produce works that examines critical issues while promoting uplifting images of youth, family, and community. We are proud to have our work supported and utilized by public schools, colleges & universities, youth programs, churches, professional organizations.


To provide high quality services and resources for the progression of youth & families.


To be a strong partner in supporting youth & families and for entities serving youth & families.

Son of a Dream Core Values: 

Youth: In order to ensure progression for generations to come we must first invest in our greatest asset….youth. This includes offering the social support needed for are youth to be success.
Family: Family is a vital institution that provides, protects, and propels our youth to greatness. We believe in empowering youth & families so they can lead healthy productive lifestyles.
Community: We understand that family is the foundation of every community. We have an obligation to address the challenges that shape the quality of life in our communities.


Bobby Marvin Holmes
Founder of Son of a Dream

Since 2004, Bobby Marvin Holmes has taught and mentored youth in several capacities ranging from juvenile treatment centers to classrooms. He is a culturally competent professional with a married skill set in youth development and media, which equips him to engage on various levels.

As a residential counselor, Holmes implemented healthy living practices and conflict resolution strategies to high-risk youth from across the state of Maryland. In addition, he taught writing comprehension and media literacy to Baltimore City and County public school students. Through his work in media, Holmes covered issues impacting urban communities for various media outlets including NewsOne.com, NPR affiliate WYPR, and Radio One.

In 2008, Holmes founded Son of a Dream, LLC to expand his work and support the communities he serve in new ways. That same year he published huevoicesdotcom (www.huevoices.com), a multimedia blog that features nationally renowned youth and family experts discussing important issues including literacy among boys of color, fatherhood, and drug preventive education for adolescent youth. In 2013, Holmes along with his co-director Justin Gladden launched “Young Blood”, a compelling documentary series on critical issues impacting black males. The first installment “Live Young Blood,” chronicles the work to combat community violence. In 2016, Holmes and Gladden released the second installment, “Free Young Blood Combating the Mass Incarcerations of Black Males.”

Along with managing Son of a Dream, he currently serves as a family care coordinator for The Regeneration Project, where he facilitates family mediation, and teaches life skills training and effective communication.

From our communities and beyond, Holmes is a staunch advocate for youth and families. A graduate of Morgan State University, he lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two children.