100! Real Talk for Our Boys

 100! Real Talk for Our Boys is a hard-hitting collection of personal essays and poems aimed to engage African-American male youth around critical issues impacting their
world. Intimate and honest, youth advocate Bobby Marvin Holmes shares life lessons
on Black identity, bullying, forgiveness, and more.

100! Real Talk for Our Boys

Free Young Blood Combating the Mass Incarceration of Black Males DVD

Free Young Blood” is a feature length documentary that covers a broad spectrum of criminal justice policies and practices that disproportionately impact black males in America. Produced in the aftermath of Baltimore’s civil unrest, the film wrestles with the intersectionality of institutional racism prevalent in the criminal justice system. The film features a host of advocates including Marc Mauer of The Sentencing Project, Rinku Sen of Race Forward and author writer D. Watkins.

Free Young Blood

“Black Boys/Girls Read” apparel

“Black Boys Read” apparel

Casey is excited to spend time with her Daddy. Throughout her day she learns important lessons on self-worth, love and culture. Fun and adorable, “Casey’s Day with Daddy” highlights the special bond between father and daughter.

Casey’s Day with Daddy


Touching and compelling, For Him I Will introduces you to three single mothers as they share their experiences raising black boys in America. Whether it’s beating the streets or understanding self-worth, each mom opens up about personal challenges that shaped their parenting. Featuring poignant commentary by clinicians Dr. Adanna Johnson-Evans and Chester Marshall, MSW, this film gives you a glimpse into single motherhood from new and refreshing perspectives.

For Him I Will DVD

Raw and honest, Live Young Blood takes a rare look at the struggle to reduce gun violence in urban communities. Filmmakers Bobby Marvin Holmes and Justin Gladden go deep inside urban communities wrestling with ways to change a culture of violence. Featuring an array of youth advocates and practitioners including Dare to Be King founder David Miller, Executive Director of Roberta’s House Annette March-Grier, Director of the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Gun Policy and Research Daniel Webster, and Lori Toscano, Director at the Baltimore City Health Department Safe Streets Program. Live Young Blood is a clarion call to save our youth.

Live Young Blood DVD